Dental tech.


Vjekoslav, born in 1976, finished school for dental technicians in 1995 and soon after that he graduated from college as a specialist in the field of fixed prosthetics. In last few years Vjeko works exclusively with non-metal ceramic and CAD/CAM technology.

Vjekoslav is official demonstrator of Ivoclar Vivadent since 2005 and an international lecturer on topics including CAD/CAM technology and highly esthetic metal free dental medicine.

Marko Miličić, Dr. Med. Dent



Marko, born in 1980, graduated from University of Zagreb in 2005 where he studied for 5 years at Faculty of Dentistry. After 1 year of internship in privat clinic he specializes in oral surgery at University Hospital Dubrava before joining our team in 2009.

Marko specializes in Astra Tech implantology system. Also, Marko is official demonstrator for Direct Implant system since 2009.

JASNA BUDIMIR, Master dental tech.


Jasna, born in 1976, is CEO of FuturaDent Estetica. After graduating from University of Zagreb Jasna worked in private dental clinics before starting her own firm. Her vision is to make dental clinic known for distinctive special relationship with patients.

Jasna regularly participate in professional workshops and training courses to be constantly in touch with current trends and new dentistry methods.

Gordana Janković Besednik, Ing

Office manager


Gordana was born in 1969. in Sisak. She graduated from University of Zagreb in 1993. With over 15 years in financial accounting matters, her experience and knowledge helps Futurea Dent Estetica team from 2010. year.

Gordana regularly participate in seminars in the field of accounting and business administration and is constantly upgrading her knowledge. 

IVAN PULJIC, Dr. Med. Dent.

Head dentist

Ivan, born in 1980, graduated from University of Zagreb in 2005 where he studied for 5 years at Faculty of Dentistry. After 1 year of internship he worked in 2 dental offices before joining our FuturaDent Estetica team in 2007.

Ivan regularly participate in seminars and working classes in the field of cosmetic dentistry and prosthodontics in Croatia and abroad.


Zvonko Babić, Dental tech.

Dental tech.


Zvonko, born in 1986, graduated from Dental school in 2005 and soon after passing state exam he started working in private dental clinic before joining our team in 2008. He attended several courses which were held by famous masters of dental techniques.

Zvonko specializes in production of dental restorations in full ceramic and zircon ceramics and succesfully works with CAD/CAM technology.


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